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More than a way better music library.
A better way to search a music library.

When you're up against a deadline, losing an afternoon to a music search is a major setback. It’s easy to get lost in rabbit holes, only to emerge with the musical equivalent of stock photography. And with thousands of tracks on the big library sites, it’s hard to even know where to start. We can help.

StoryBeat groups tracks according to the types of scenes - StoryBeats - they were created to support. Is your protagonist looking back on a difficult period in her life? Go to the Storybeats page and choose Dark Recollections.  Folks getting to work on a project they mapped out in the last scene? Try Rolling up the Sleeves. If your scene is working through some tricky problems, Puzzles may have something for you. Scan through Closing Time for a poignant resolution.

A nice compliment to StoryBeats, Albums are collections of tracks curated by mood, tone, or some other distinguishing feature. Most are self-explanatory, like Around the World and Voices, and they all have brief descriptions to help get you started. Oh - and tracks can appear in more than one StoryBeat or Album.

Wherever you decide to start, you'll always be able to narrow things down with the familiar filters at the top of the page -  like mood, genre, tempo, and instrumentation.

As you preview tracks, you’ll understand the other cool thing about this site: the music is very good. Most of it comes from live sessions with musicians at our Austin studio, or from guest artists like Minneapolis-based Neo-soul producer MMYYKK. That languid trumpet you like? That’s Austin legend Ephraim Owens. The driving, deep-pocket beat? That’s King Crimson’s Tony Levin, playing with Seal drummer/A&F DrumCo founder Ramy Antoun. Bass harmonica? It’s Ross Garren, from Bon Iver and Ben Folds. Browse the musician roster at the bottom of each track page to read more about the artists who brought it to life.

Lastly: this is a beta release and I welcome all input. Please click through the link in the footer to submit your feedback.

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  • Album cover art for Beginnings
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  • Album cover art for Dark Recollections
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  • Album cover art for Liminal Spaces
  • Album cover art for One Hit Wonders
  • Album cover art for Pace Without Progress
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  • Album cover art for Rolling Up the Sleeves
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  • Album cover art for Turns for the Worse

how to use this site


Start by choosing a StoryBeat or album name that describes the scene or inflection in your story.

Is your protagonist looking back on a difficult period in her life? Start with Reflections or Dark Recollections. A montage of people getting to work on a project they mapped out in the last scene? Try Rolling up the Sleeves or Turning the Corner. Scan through Giving it a Go for a novice trying something new, or Closing Time for a poignant resolution.


At the top of the album page, use the familiar tone, instrument, tempo, and genre tags filters to narrow your search, then click through to the track page to download the file and submit a license request.

Fees scale according to usage, length, and the type of project you're working on.


You'll also find a few albums grouped by mood rather than by story beat. Voices, Worldly Matters, and The Grand Hall are a few examples.

And you can always go to the infinite scroll and audition any tracks that speak to you.