David Rice

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Around the World

David Rice

Tracks with a distinct world music influence

Album cover art for The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall

David Rice

The tracks evoke a more majestic tone

Album cover art for One Hit Wonders

One Hit Wonders

David Rice

With clear shifts in dynamic and tone, these are built to carry a story from beginning to end.

Setting the Scene

David Rice

Good for quickly establishing a specific sense of place


David Rice

Good for penultimate scenes, where your protagonist reflects on his or her journey through the story


David Rice

Problem solvers

Album cover art for Angular Themes

Angular Themes

David Rice

Melodic themes, often expressed by piano and strings

Album cover art for Gravity


David Rice

Heavier things

Album cover art for Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants

David Rice

Delicate and wonderous but self-confident

Album cover art for Fight Club

Fight Club

David Rice

Tough, determined, gritty

Album cover art for Country Roads

Country Roads

David Rice

Acoustic guitars, pedal steel, pick-up trucks